Measurement Service

Metrological rehabilitation support

Especially for the construction and renovation industry, we offer our state-of-the-art measuring systems for metrological renovation support in the environmental and renovation industry for rent or as a full service. This allows you to benefit from our quasi-continuous monitoring without having to invest in expensive technology. You can focus on the construction or renovation progress and we guarantee high-quality immission and/or emission measurements.

Internet access

After consultation, we will set up access to all measurement data for you. Access is user-specific. This means you can track immissions and emissions from afar via browser.

Display of measured values

In the form of a central computer, we provide you with the current measured values on site as HTML. The results displayed on the screen can therefore be used directly on the construction site in order to be able to give safety-related instructions.

Weather station

Weather data is essential for damage limitation and better traceability. On request, we record
relevant parameters for you to ensure more precise interpretation of the measured values.

Individual care

We set up and supervise the measuring system flexibly and in consultation with you. This includes regular calibration, changing consumable gases and moving the measuring system and measuring points.

Our advantages for you in the construction and renovation industry

customer support

meta Messtechnische Systeme offers comprehensive customer support that offers fast and effective solutions to all questions and problems.


meta Messtechnische Systeme in Dresden offer high-precision measurements for a variety of applications.


We have many years of experience in the development and production of metrological systems and therefore offers in-depth knowledge and skills.

Wide offer

meta Messtechnische Systeme offers a wide range of measurement systems for different industries and applications to meet the specific needs of customers.

Innovative technology

The company relies on modern and innovative technologies to improve the measurement accuracy and efficiency of the systems and thus offer customers the greatest possible benefit.


meta Messtechnische Systeme offers flexible solutions that can be adapted to the individual requirements and needs of customers.
individual solutions for your company