Our projects

Our project process

  • 1. Your request

    With your request you tell us your requirements and wishes. In the conversation we ask about the special features and challenges of your process and record all key points in writing for both sides.

  • 2. Analysis

    We analyze your request and check which suitable solution we can offer.

  • 3. Development of the individual solution

    Before preparing the offer, we start developing an individual solution that is tailored to your specific requirements. Preliminary investigations, pilot tests or hire-purchase variants are taken into account.

  • 4. Offer

    Based on the analysis, we will prepare an offer for you that contains the technical specifications of the measuring system and the operating conditions.

  • 5. Production & Delivery

    Once development is complete, we begin production and delivery of the systems. This includes installing, calibrating and commissioning the system and training your staff to use the systems safely and effectively.

  • 6. Maintenance

    If required, we offer a comprehensive range of maintenance for consumables and regular calibrations at your place of use. Contractually plannable or on demand.

Individual and tailored solutions ensure the highest accuracy and efficiency to meet your specific requirements.

meta measurement systems in Dresden and Steinfurt specializes in the development and production of high-precision measurement technology. As an offshoot of a large German laboratory, we became independent in 1992 with our headquarters in Dresden. Our locations in Dresden and Steinfurt offer our customers the know-how for new and further development in both technical and economic terms. We take over the implementation of your projects, from the initial idea to the functionally reliable handover to you.

Various industries and applications are constantly expanding the range of measuring systems.

Over the years we have completed a number of successful projects and have developed a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner in the measurement technology industry.

Today we are a leading provider of measurement technology solutions in Germany and have also made a name for ourselves internationally. We have expanded our product range and also offer solutions for the semiconductor industry.

The digitalization and automation of our products, services and processes are now our focus in order to meet the requirements of modern industry and thus be able to offer customers even more benefits.

individual solutions for your project